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Stehr Guitars & Artworks
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Stehr Guitars & Artworks

For me, building guitars is so much more than gluing pieces of wood together to make an instrument that sounds good.  I consider myself to be an artist just as much as I do a luthier.  When I’m not building guitars, I’m generally painting.  The guitar is a blank canvas that I get to fill in with different colored wood combinations, artistic design and inlay.  I’m very passionate about making my instruments look as good as they sound.  As they say “You eat with your eyes before you do your mouth.”  I’m a very visual person, so this process feeds my artistic soul.  I very much enjoy working with players in designing a guitar that is both visually stimulating, sounds great and built to the player’s particular needs.  I build few guitars at one time, as I like to be fully immersed on the guitar at hand as to give it my full attention.  I don’t like getting into a more production style of building.  I work very closely with every player to build a one-of-a-kind instrument that both of us will be proud of.  Send me a note and tell me what your vision is. Let's make it happen!

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